To celebrate Halloween


Halloween Special

“To celebrate Halloween 2021 our book promotion of the month is the London Stereoscopic Company classic “Diableries” – the first ever complete collection of the wild and mysterious ‘Devilments’ stereo cards first produced in the 1860s in France. In full colour glorious 3-D just as they thrilled 19th century audiences – and uniquely researched in depth by Denis Pellerin, Paula Fleming and Brian May.“

Hello dear folks.

Still massively proud of this book. Nice to re-energise it at Halloween. It’s a wonderful world to escape into. It’s getting harder for me to sign everything – and we’re aware that just signing some of our issues and selling them at normal price can lead to unhappiness – when some of you folks are paying the same price for an unsigned copy. And it also leads to us all being abused by unscrupulous e-bay parasites who sell the signed items on for a large profit. So this time we’re offering these – possibly the last time we will have the three authors on one bookplate – at a higher price – the extra pennies going to our Save-Me charity to work for animal welfare. So the regular book is still available at normal price – but now there is a choice ! And for a while these rare bundles will be undercutting the bootleggers ! Let me know how you guys feel about this – OK ? I hope it brings happiness !

Cheers – Bri

And yes I have been very quiet recently – not by design or plan – so please don’t take it personally. I just feel I have a wall around me – hard to get out of it right now. I’ll be back.

Take care folks.