Diableries – flying out – Hell yeah !


Many of you have kindly been asking how the DIABLERIES launch is going.

We’re doing very well so far …. Robin (our London Stereoscopic Company publishing CEO) pressed the button on the first reprint last week – even before the launch date. That must be some kind of record !

It’s a juggling act with the numbers – how many to order ? You can never be sure, of course, if you will run out of books at a critical moment, or be left with thousands mouldering in a warehouse. And in this case, we have to be prepared with enough OWLS, which in turn means being prepared with enough pairs of lenses … not a simple operation. Also, the slip cases are made in China and the books printed in Italy ! So it’s – as Ms Ellis would say – all fun and games !

This week the book jumped up thousands (!) of places in the Amazon overall chart, ending up at number … erm …. 112

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 112 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #2 in Books > Art, Architecture & Photography

And in the Art and Photography books list, it jumped to number 2 ! So thanks, very much, guys !!!



Diableries are coming

PS The second printing (with a couple of corrections) will materialise at the end of November, if all goes well.

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