Wallpaper capers


Wallpaper capers

This will mean absolutely nothing to you unless you’re seriously bitten by the 3-D bug like me. T

his takes me back to my childhood, staring at walls, letting the convergence of my eyes to slip about. There are at least 7 ways to view this scene, and that’s without tilting the head.

One is the ‘normal’ way’ … in which everything is flat except the table and cupboard etc.

Then, if you allow the convergence of your eyeballs to relax a bit, the pattern of the ‘cages’ of these birds will fuse and seem flat, but the birds will fly about ! Very entertaining !

You can use the rough purple dots I’ve added at the top to help you do this. Then relax the eyes a step more (using the green dots) and get another version of this effect. Then go even further, until the red dots line up, and you get a surprise. Tell me what that surprise is !!!

Then you can repeat the whole process by going back to normal and then gradually going more and more cross-eyed. And you get the surprise at the end again, but a slightly different version. Anybody still with me ? Or do you think I’m nuts ?

I’m dedicating this to my old pals at the National Stereoscopic Association of America who are at the annual convention right now ! Rock on Folks ! Stereoscopic Greekery rules !