Very sad to hear of Madiba’s passing


Very sad to hear of Madiba’s passing.

We (Queen, along with Dave Stewart, and the Corrs) were privileged to spend some days and nights with him at his game park retreat, while we were organising the first 46664 concert for AIDS at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. They were life-changing days, with quiet time and talks around a camp fire at night, which we will remember til we die. Mandela was the most inspiring man of his generation. His message, by example, was the power of forgiveness. He showed us that it’s possible to act after great injustice with no thought of revenge. He was light, funny, enormously generous, and, quietly, the greatest example to the world that a man can be.

RIP dear Madiba.

Brian May

Queen 46664 The Call Live

46664 – My tribute to Nelson Mandela live at Green Point Stadium Cape Town Nov 2003. We spent months in Cape Town at that time planning the concert with Mr Mandela and recording songs including this one.

Farewell Madiba A sad loss to the world, but leaves the greatest legacy – Forgiveness. The great Nelson Mandela RIP.