Good News ! and … Queen News



[Brian shares his welcome medical news – having had a great phone call from his specialist this evening – also progress with Queen current project….]

Well, I got a great phone call from my specialist this evening.

He said .. “I have good news.  The result of your prostate biopsy is here, and we did not find any cancer cells”.

So finally, as far as that vital organ is concerned, I am – thank God – in the clear.

It’s a great relief. I celebrated in the studio with a cup of tea.  Hey … I know how to rock !

There are still some mysteries to solve, but I am going to take a moment to count my blessings, and get back into life in the big wide world.

Thanks to all of you who have cared so much … I never realised I was so much thought of.

I’m going to stop talking about medical stuff now (you’ll be happy to know).  I had a great day in the studio today anyway, even before the welcome news.  And some Queen magic is happening … I feel it in my bones.   It’s annoying to have to be so secretive, but I guess I have to,  for now. What I can say is the track we dusted off today has the four of us, Freddie, John, Roger and myself, playing together on a track we’d forgotten about, that was never finished.  It all sounds so fresh, now all carefully transferred into the ProTools environment – but sounding exactly like it did straight off the 24-track tape it was recorded on … OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO !  I got quite emotional hearing some of it … some rough takes, some discussion and banter, and then a really good take, and some overdubs, and … well, it’s crying out to be finally brought into the world.  What’s great is nobody has got hold of this and leaked it.  How brilliant is that ?  So many surprises get ruined these days … it only takes one clever dick to steal a rough ix of some unfinished recording and forever more it is out there on the Internet, being chewed up by everyone before it’s even had a chance to be born properly.  Well, this is something shiny and to all intents and purposes NEW.  And we get the chance to polish it in private, without advice from all and sundry ! 

Roger and I are working on ‘archaeology’ this week, in our separate studio set-ups, and we’ll meet up to compare notes very soon, and figure out where we go from here.  I can’t help but feel a buzz.  I’m energised again.  It’s nice to be putting the Queen hat on for a while.  This year will be interesting, to say the least.

I’m very thankful I will get to enjoy it.


OH .. OK … one more thing, does anyone know who this is, in a tragic state?


Well, don’t drive yourselves nuts, because I’ll give you the answer in a day or so.  There is a great story to tell about this chap, and this photograph, and a famous painting, and nobody has yet told it in full.  In just a couple of months we’ll have a new stereoscopic book ready, with never-before-published research into this and many other great Victorian legends … Yep – we don’t sleep here !