In a very tiny studio…


In a very tiny studio set up in rehearsal rooms in New Haw, Surrey – a town I’m sure we played around 1968 as a group called 1984 – today [19 March] we filmed a piece for a video for a heavy third party – an excellent group, as you will see in due course. Did we have fun ? I think so !

This is one of those pictures that looks like a jumble, viewed as a ‘flat’ mono – but if you take a moment to free-view it in 3-D, relaxing your eyes so their axes are parallel, a whole world of detail will be revealed !

Studio set up - stereo - parallel
Parallel view
Studio - parallel - large
Parallel view – large

If that doesn’t come naturally, try viewing cross-eyed instead.

Studio stereo - cross-eyed
Cross-eyed view
Studio - cross-eyed - large
Cross-eyed view – large

Let me know what you prefer. Okay? Parallel free viewing, versus cross-eyed free viewing. Or for the optimum experience, you could bring it up a bit bigger on your laptop and use one of my patent OWL stereoscopes ! Available at

Try an OWL VR KIT, which will turn your smartphone into a stereoscope! Any road up …. enjoy !

I used the i3DSteroid app to make this 3-D picture. Look for it on the App Store – for iPhones or the Other Kind ! It’s a wonderful app. You don’t need a stereo camera. All you need is a smart phone and the app. And preferably an OWL VR kit to help you view YOUR 3-D photos DIRECTLY ON YOUR PHONE.