Vaccination, 1812 and Sentinel update


Been spending a lot of time in Houses of Parliament, including today, launching our Vaccination Initiative … for Badgers and Cows. BACVI. We’ve been getting a great response from MP’s of all colours. All losing confidence in Owen Paterson after his failed badger cull.

If you’re interested in helping to vaccinate Britain’s badgers and cows, Google BACVI. We are all ready to go for this. But need your help.

Also had a brilliant day in Prague yesterday, recording a new version of 1812 Overture with a big orchestra. Why, you say? It’s slightly mad. My 1812 Overture will have just a bit of Guitar in it ! I think Tchaikovsky would have loved electric guitar.


Update on the SENTINEL project which I’m supporting … to detect stray rocks before they hit Earth.