Where in the world ? – RAK Studios


Had a great day of escape into another world today. I’m lucky I get asked to do such things.

What things ? Well, these days, people very often want to keep everything secret, so they can control the social media etc at a particular time. So I won’t give away what the project was, but I was asked to do a session, on a song I’ve never played, with a production team I’ve never worked with … in a completely new experimental version of an iconic song. It’s exactly the kind of challenge that keeps me on my toes, and stimulated. It also gives me a mental break from the cruelty and depravity that I have to keep seeing in order to continue the battle that we’re waging against the persecution of animals. It recharges the batteries.

This little adventure took me into a legendary studio, which in itself was a thrill for me. RAK studios was (were?) created by Micky Most, a name to conjure with … producer of countless pop hits in his day, and this desk we were using in Studio 2 is a wonderful heirloom, unaltered from Micky’s day, and with a magic of its own. Then there is the moment when I plug in the old Red Special (or Pete plugs it in for me! ) – and turn it up to 10, and I get to make people smile … it’s a good feeling.

Brian at RAK Studio 2
Brian at RAK Studio 2
Brian with Ethan John at RAK Studios
Brian with Ethan John at RAK Studios

Where in the World ? I’m in legendary RAK Studios with a rare bunch – waxing a secret project !

With top producer Ethan Johns, session completed. Photos ©BM

What did we play ? Well, a little later, guys. Sorry. But I think you’ll like it ! And it DOES get heavy !

Watch out ! A Good Tune can still be heart-stopping.



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