The wondrous Stoli Factory !


We had a rare treat today [Wed 19 March], en route, on our travel day.

I tell you, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ doesn’t hold a candle to this !!! Doesn’t come close.

We were invited to the company close to Riga, Latvia, where the wonderful Stolichnaya vodka is created, along with many other fabulous libations, including the famous Latvian Balsam … a famous digestive, not too dissimilar from a Fernet Branca or Jaegermeister bitters, but this stuff is truly exquisite.

We were shown how the incredibly precise filtration takes place, and learned that the excellence of a vodka is more about what is carefully removed than what is added. How Freddie would have loved seeing the birthplace of his favourite inspirational tipple !

Here’s something to make the mouth water which I had not encountered before … but will be coming home with me for sure … 

Salted Caramel Stoli
Salted Caramel Stoli

Salted Caramel Stoli ? !!! Incredible. Yes, I can sense some of you already attacking your laptop keyboards and writing to me, explaining the evils of alcohol, and asking me how I can possibly be endorsing such folly ?! Well, don’t bother ! I’m well aware of the whole spectrum of problems that can arise from drinking, but I’m also aware of the great social power of such a product, and the dedication that goes into making this traditional delicacy almost immeasurably pure. It’s possible to abuse anything, of course, but this company goes to enormous lengths to promote the responsible use of their products, and also to take care of the welfare of their employees … they are a major employer in the area, of course. And their passion for unparalleled excellence is a joy to behold. 

And as for the tasting ? Well, the proof was right there.

Forget Charlie !

and thanks Guys …