Harry Docherty – R.I.P.



Very sad to hear of the passing of Harry Doherty, at the age of only 61.

In a largely cynical music journalism world from the 1970s onwards, Harry was one of the Good Guys.

Working initially for ‘Disc’ magazine, he was one of the first to write about Queen in the very early days, alongside Rosie Horide, who gave us our first review (Imperial College).

Over the years, he remained passionate about music and kept his freshness, a rock and roller with very good heart.

He even, years later, kindly wrote the text for a Queen retrospective book … the 40 years one … and was always keen to spread the word about new projects.

He was a trusted friend, one of the very few I have ever had in the Music Press, and I will miss him greatly.

RIP Harry.

Rock on.


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