Enjoying a bit of Seoul !


This trip to Korea has already been a real treat – before we even play ! Excited about our first gig on this leg of our QAL tour.

Thanks to the kind people of Universal Music Korea, I now have a nice new toy – called a Gayageum.

Gayageum stereo

It’s the sister of the Japanese Koto – which I played on our ‘A Night at the Opera’ many years ago, but, as some of you may notice, the intervals the strings are tuned in are different.

The one I played on ‘The Prophet’s Song’ was actually a miniature replica, but very playable. This gayageum is half-scale and has a very nice tone.

Some of my Tweet pals asked me what it sounds like: so this will give an idea.

Brian May demonstrates new Gayageum
– https://youtu.be/qO_g_jc5uvY

Tonight: SuperSonic in Seoul – our very first show here, ever. We’re ready – with a new song in our repertoire, too.

Cheers Folks !


3D Canera app

PS A nice easy iPhone app for taking sequential stereo photos – 3D Camera !

Ha ! Korean Veg food is delicious: a whole new spectrum of tastes. Buddhists get it right !

Colourful food



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