The Seoul Tower – RIP Robin Williams


I do like a tower … and ascending this one was part of a great day off here in Seoul, at the end of which I felt I had some idea of where I was fortunate to find myself. Here’s the view from the ground, but actually the tower sits atop a small mountain in the middle of the city, so at this point you’re already about a thousand feet above most of the landscape. There’s a cable car to get to this point, but we walked – a steep climb up the road … a tribute to my knee surgeon !

Seoul Tower North

The view from the top is impossible to capture .. this hyper stereo shows the view to the North, and the cable car in the foreground, but it’s less than a hundredth part of the full vista … truly awe-inspiring. I felt very lucky to experience all this in the Autumn of my life !

View from Seoul Tower


Robin Williams


RIP Robin.

I hope you are smiling
wherever you are.

Bri X


Feeling lucky is a great treatment for depression. I was so so sad to hear of Robin Williams’ tragic suicide. He really touched us all … how awful that we couldn’t make him feel like life was worthwhile. Those of us who suffer from depression can learn … by mentally putting ourselves outside our bodies and asking what we’d tell the person we are looking back at. It’s a trick I learned at Cottonwood, Tucson, Arizona some years ago. But it ain’t easy. When you’re truly in that hole, nothing really works. You just have to believe that it will end.