Devilment !!!


DEVILMENT !!! Coming soon to iTunes.

Brian May – One Night In Hell – Trailer 2 –

Did a Test Screaming of the Diableries short ONE NIGHT IN HELL today in Dolby Headquarters, in glorious 3-D and Dolby Atmos sound. Amazin’.

“ONE NIGHT IN HELL” coming soon ! 3-D Diableries and they DO move ! This couple will enjoy it ! Devilish !

3D diableries couple

We’ll show the “ONE NIGHT IN HELL” film at British Library 26th October 2.30 pm & at the V&A 28th 6.30pm. Be There !

Diableries dinner

One Night in Hell ! See a screaming soon !!!

Diableries cote des dames stereo