Herschel Museum – my recent visit



Science Teachers ! Parents ! If you’re within bussing distance of Bath – visit Herschel Museum. Great stuff !

Well, it’s now about a year since I accepted the invitation to become the Patron of the William Heschel Museum in Bath.

My illustrious predecessor was Sir Patrick Moore, who sadly passed away, leaving the post empty.

It’s a great place – a small house which houses many of the effects of one Britain’s greatest astronomers.

Here’s their website. But it’s a lot more than that. It’s the very house where Herschel (in 1781, believe it or not) made his discovery of the seventh planet in our solar system.

And it’s become a perfect place to begin to understand the role that British astronomers played in the ground-based exploration of Space.

I took the opportunity to call in for a visit this week [Thursday 27 November], and was happy to see the progress the WHM is making – becoming more potent as a resource for all who are interested in seeing astronomy first-hand … and especially children. Here’s the latest flyer.

Herschel Museum flyer


As pdf here: Amazing_Astronomy-Herschel_Museum_workshop

Come visit !!