Justice for coyotes


I’m proud to be supporting those who seek justice for Coyotes,

A Message from Brian May for Project Coyote

Hi Folks

I’m Brian May, probably better known to you, many of you, as a musician with Queen over the years, but in England I’m also known for defending animals – foxes, badgers and other wildlife against persecution.

When I learned of Project Coyote I wanted to help. I’m now a Project Coyote Ambassador, because I believe this organisation is truly helping the underdogs – predator species that are misunderstood, maligned and needlessly slaughtered.

Every year in the USA hundreds of thousands of foxes, coyotes, bobcats, wolves are killed needlessly, for fun, for bounties or whatever for fur trapping. Project Coyote is trying to give these animals a voice. They’re trying to change the way wildlife in the USA is managed, but they need your help.

Please pledge, donate, make a noise. Join the ranks of people who will make a difference to the way wildlife is treated in this country.

This is Brian May.


Please visit:
– and http://projectcoyote.org
See also: http://youtu.be/l0NqJjQJlOg


Justice for coyotes - Bri and Camilla Fox

Camilla Fox (Project Coyote) and Brian May