The new YouTube Channel !!!



Well, I’ve been teasing my new BM channel on Twitter and here on the Soapbox, so now it’s time to spill the beans. 

Finally, about a year after everything in the Queen camp was taken care of on YouTube, my great team, to whom I’m very grateful, have constructed the definitive Brian May Channel. It’s taken a while because it’s quite ambitious, and it’s built in a way that hopefully will enable it to evolve as times change, as they seem to do quite rapidly. 

We plan to LAUNCH on 1st January around 5 pm. [GMT]

Briefly, the BRIAN MAY CHANNEL is designed to carry anything on film or vid that relates to me outside Queen – to replace all the bits and pieces of music video that are currently around out there with new highest quality versions, and fill in the gaps; and to cover under one umbrella the other areas that I operate in … Stereoscopy, Astronomy (eventually!), and Animal Welfare and Rights issues. Each of these areas will have their own section on the Brian May Channel. But the intended pivot of it all is the entirely new part that we’re calling Brian Talks. This section will carry current ‘to the camera’ comments, updates and communications, and I’m hoping it will be a proper ‘voice’ for me, an outlet, as well as a way of glueing together the rest of the channel. 

OK – I’m a novice. This is all new to me. So please do give me feedback (to the ol’ Soapbox, as usual). I’m here to learn. There’s a more detailed spec below. 

PLEASE NOTE: We’re NOT putting it all up at once. We’ll be adding as we source new material, taking the time to do it all to the max, rather than rushing it all at one go. I’ll be announcing stuff that’s newly posted in the Brian Talks section as it comes up. Well, that’s the plan ! 

Well, from January 1st, I hope you enjoy !!! 



Brian May Youtube Channel SECTIONS : 


Content will be new BM-generated, purpose-made current video narrative footage ONLY.

It’s the video sister of the text-based Soapbox – the two will link directly. Subjects will include Astronomy, Stereoscopy, Music, Animal matters, and wider concerns relating to the way Britain is run !


Eventually to carry all the Brian May solo videos in HD that we can muster – remastered direct from original sources – basically everything other than Queen projects.

It will be organised into playlists such as Star Fleet, Back to the Light, collaborations with Kerry Ellis, guest appearances … etc.

There will be links in the descriptive text to iTunes for those vids that can be purchased.


Will contain updates specifically on stereoscopy and developments in the London Stereoscopic Company, the Diableries film – One Night in Hell – and related projects. Directly related to the website.


Will contain all animal welfare and rights related footage, and matters relating to our work in Parliament as well as in the public arena. This section will directly relate to the website.


Apparently this section is obligatory ! But for us it will be useful, since it will be possible to check up quickly on what’s active and in process, as the site grows.

Credits: My special thanks to Greg Brooks, Grigorij Richters, Matilda B