R.I.P. – BB King



BB King

Very sad to hear of BB’s passing. I only just saw the news.

I don’t feel very qualified to pay tribute except as a fan. I was never lucky enough to be a part of the British blues contingent who embraced BB – and did a great job of spreading the news of his greatness. I observed from afar, in the main.

I played with him just once – at the Montreux Jazz festival, along with Etta James. It was a great night … and I had the chance to see BB up close weaving his magic. I noticed he was always focussed on where his ‘voice’ was. He’d talk and sing and even tell jokes while the song thundered on – and only when he was ready would he take to the guitar – at which point THAT became his voice – and WHAT a voice ! A lot of us tend to try to do it all at the same time, which I’ve always felt had its pitfalls … even though Jimi Hendrix is the exception who proves the rule. BB just went for it one thing at a time … it all made a logical narrative in which he was also able to remain spontaneous.

Well, an amazing man … and amazingly modest. A great role model for us all.


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