Cilla – R.I.P.


Cilla Black R.I.P.

So sad to hear you’re gone.
You were something
absolutely wonderful.
I didn’t really know you,
but I’m glad I had the chance to tell you that.

Sincere condolences to Cilla’s family and all who were close to her.

Rest in Peace

Anyone who had a heart

Cilla - Anyone Who Had A Heart


Listen to the way she sings the first verse all tentative, breathless and vulnerable. Then hear the switch to terse pleading, with a massive change of tone … “Knowing I love you . .. SO !” that was one of her trademark – and we loved her for it. Incredible effortless pitch – completely outside the range of the ‘polishing’ that took the spontaneity off so many pop singers oft time, she kept her raw Liverpool edge and used it to conquer the stage. No ‘show’, no dance steps, not showbiz grooming, no fake American accent … just a real singer who sang from the heart. Dammit … there is so much to say about her. Nobody ever came close to imitating her.


You’re my world


Cilla Black – You’re My World –

This one too … she pulls off that wonderful change in tone here too … when she gets to “With your Hand …” it sends shivers up your spine. But she’s also beautiful (though she didn’t think she was) and has an epic sexiness … un untamed quality. She’s also adorably self-effacing in the interview afterwards … “No – my hair’s red … from a bottle !”. What a fabulous innocent talent.