Response to “Patrick’s Legacy”


Tim Dombrova wrote on subject of Patrick’s Legacy:

Is there any chance you could lease/rent the property to a university or college and have them use it as a residence for post graduate students in the science field??

Thanks for writing, Tim. Yes, We DID look at this option. But it did not lead to any takers. And really it’s not so surprising, because, apart from nostalgia, truthfully, as an accommodation, Farthings could not offer anything special as regards facilities.

As one of Patrick’s closest friends wrote to me yesterday “As soon as Patrick himself was not present in Farthings, the place no longer had his magic – it is just a house”. It’s also a house that needs a huge amount of restoration and maintenance ! I’m just thankful we managed to keep it functional for as long as Patrick was living in it. It DOES have a splendid new thatch on it now, though !