I love Classic Rock Awards nights !


Due to circumstances, Roger and I had to split our attentions these last few days … there’s a lot going on.

So Roger attended the Q Awards last week, (and did a nice presentation to the brilliant David Mallet) – and I got to do the Classic Rock awards.

I was honoured to accept the award of “Living Legends”. And I think my acceptance speech is up online somewhere…

Queen Living Legends Award Speeches Satriani and Brian May 11/11/2015

Now, as usual, there were countless photographs of the ceremony, and me, and the wonderful Joe Satriani, and the award itself. But where are they ?

We’ll try to chase some up.

But my lovely daughter Emily took this photo of me during my acceptance address to the assembled throng. I was actually very touched by Joe’s words and the fact that everybody stood up when I took to the stage. Got very choked.

Brian accepts Living Legend award

That’s Joe Satriani to the right, and on the left is presenter Steve – a well-known wrestler and musician – who did a very good job, and managed to stay sober enough the whole night to make sense … a feat not always achieved by CR presenters !! ha ha !

I got to see some old friends … Lemmy and Phil from Motorhead, the guys from Europe, Alice Cooper, and many others.

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in us being presented with this great award ! We will try to live up to it !



With Living Legend Award

Brian acepting award - photo by Sue Ashcroft

Joe Satriani

Brian May accepting Living Legend Award

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