Hello Ostrava


YAY !!! We are HERE !!! Hello OSTRAVA !!!! Ready to Rock Tonite ? !!!! GONG !!! (thanks Anna-Rita)

Brian and Kerry by Anna-Rita Flore

We love this place ! Ostrava ! Made from a gas holder ! Why didn’t we British think of that ?!

Ostrava Gong from stage

Gong site, Ostrava

GONG – the converted gas holder colossus that is Ostrava’s Colosseum !

This is the AMAZING Ostrava concert building – converted from gas holder – genius !

Gong concert venue, Ostrava

Ah !! Paul Bryan Howar So good to see you out there Paul ! You did me (and us) proud. How are ya ?!

Brian and Paul Howar - Miracle

What’s this ? My dear pal Grig of Asteroid Day preparing 3-D vid from Ostrava. Thanks Grig !

Laptop with 3-D film

Bri in Ostrava with new toy (Mini May – now almost sold out ! Quick ! Make some more !

Bri and Mini May by Kerry Ellis
Bri and Mini MAY


Swiss Army We Will Rock You

Swiss Army WE WILL ROCK YOU !!! – https://youtu.be/TEy5Nbilscc – enjoy !


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