One Voice Vids – Brian and Kerry on the road in 3-D


Well Folks, it’s been intense, out here on the One Voice Tour … but continually challenging and thrilling.

Not much time to write stuff, when you’re doing back-to back shows in towns 5 hours apart. And trying to stay fit !

Unless you’ve actually done this kind of thing, you can’t imagine how demanding the schedules are. Then some folks ask you for a written reply to a message … like you had all the time in the world … hmmm …

But it HAS been amazing.

I just want to say a word or two – because folks have been asking – about the selfie vids which we’ve been putting up on my YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the tour, in the early Italian dates, we were doing a ‘selfie stick moment’ – like I did on the Queen tour last time. But somehow the idea didn’t seem so fresh as time went on, and we were searching for a new slant.

Then, inspired by the ‘backs’ cover picture of our One Voice track, we had the idea to put the 3-D Go-Pro camera rig behind us on stage, after we’d finished zooming it around. It covered us for the Roll With You audience participation moment … with the visuals from it actually up on screen behind us while we were playing. We then figured we could pose about, and ‘mug’ the cameras live on screen, and the audience were completely visible to themselves too, behind us from their point of view. So it was as if there was a giant mirror behind us on stage. Fun !

After a couple of tries we were having so much more fun doing this than just doing a static selfie moment, that we abandoned the old style selfie, and now concentrated on the ‘live’ selfie video technique. For us, it’s a great opportunity to have a laugh – for the audience, it’s an opportunity for them to see themselves live on screen and join in the fun; and the bonus is … we have a new 3-D selfie video opportunity to put up on the Youtube channel. So far, we have just two of them. Here are a couple of 3-D stills from Rome and Krakow ! We’re now experimenting with camera positions, so tonight’s (Thursday 3 March) vid from Ostrava should be interesting.

You can view these stills in the usual way, free-viewing (fuse the two white dots) or with an OWL. But make sure they’re not too big on your screen or it will strain your brain !! About two and a half inches between corresponding points on each image is a good guide. So these black panels ought to be about 6 inches across. OK … about 150 mm.

Selfie - Roll With You - Rome
Selfie Roll with you Rome

Krakow 3-D Selfie
Krakow 3-D Selfie

You need to parallel free-view these, by the way, not cross-eyed. Yes, I know about 50 per cent of the population like to do it cross-eyed, but at this point I don’t want to encourage you to do that, because when it comes to the videos on youtube, cross-eyed viewing won’t work …

I’m going to try to write some hints and details about the youtube 3-D viewing tomorrow, if I can … I think some explanation will help.

Meantime … enjoy !!

And to our fans in Italy and, so far, in Poland and the Czech Republic …

THANKS !!!!!

Here are the links to the new videos ….

Rome 3-D:

Rome Mono:

Krakow 3-D:

Krakow Mono:

Cheers !