Kensington Basements – action from Council too little too late ? Misery of residents


Yes, I believe it is absolutely clear that permissions are still being granted which are completely contrary to the interests of the Borough’s residents.

The planning consent that has just been given to build a DOUBLE basement to a depth of nearly 10 METRES will completely smash the lives of all of us who have already put up with 7 years of basement building chaos in my street. I am outraged, and determined to get the bottom of how RBKC can possibly justify this catastrophic intrusion.

The vote, after a public meeting in which our side was permitted to speak for 3 minutes total … was split 2 for and 2 against on the board. Then the vice-chairman, a Mr Husband who had already voted for the permission, was given a second ‘casting’ vote (outrageous!) and of course the decision to ALLOW the building works was not a surprise.

However hard you try, you can’t help but suspect that something is going on behind the scenes. It’s obvious that the developers have been having a cosy conversation with the Planning Department for some months, without a single personal word to us, whose whole lives are at stake. I believe that the planning system in RBKC is operating contrary to the interests of its residents, and needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Kensington, around our way, has become a Hell-hole of building works, and is now unliveable. The last thing we wanted was to be uprooted from the home we’ve built over the last 15 years in Kensington. But we are now forced to move – the noise, disruption and pollution from these works at TWO houses at once directly opposite our home will be way beyond endurance. It’s actually almost beyond belief that these few men have been able to put us, all of us in the neighbourhood, through this. The amount of stress in having this hanging over our heads has already caused us great damage … we’ve been fighting these selfish basement building bastards for years, and it has already massively impacted our whole lives. All of us feel helpless and full of anger. You wake up angry and frustrated every day, and in the end you you really hate the bullies, and feel like you want to kill them. You think that is too strong a description ? But it’s inevitable, because these people are effectively constantly attacking your home and privacy, and there is no weapon available to protect yourself. These antisocial owners and opportunistic builders have to be stopped.