R.I.P. Dr John Pain


A nice tribute to possibly the best lecturer I ever saw – Dr. John Pain.

Includes some words from me.

2 June 2016

A tribute to John Pain who died on 21st February 2016. READ HERE

Dr John Pain


Brian May (Class of ’69)

I’m very sad to hear of the passing of John Pain. He has to be one of the greatest lecturers I ever saw. I and my best friend Tom Short experienced his magic together and it’s remained one of strongest memories of our first days as ‘freshers’ in the Physics department around 1970. Dr Pain delivered a series of lectures on Vibrations and Waves with a clarity and flair that I have never seen equalled. He used his whole body, and every inch of the available space, to illustrate how things vibrated under a restoring force proportional to displacement ( see? – it’s still in my brain!) and his boundless energy and enthusiasm was as inspiring as it was infectious.

I also know it was John Pain who made the decision to admit me to the University, and he took a personal interest in my progress, as I believe he did in every one of his admissions. He knew the name of every student on the first day – something unique again, in my experience. Well 94 is a great innings but I can only wish him a peaceful place in the next life where his exceptional talents and commitment are appreciated. He certainly was and IS appreciated by us.

RIP John Pain.”



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