It took me about a week to get this formatted and back through the system into Instagram. I think Instagram need to realise that they are now a significant piece of social scaffolding – and get over the idea that they need to keep trying to get people to use the ‘camera’ part of their scheme – which, I guess, is where they began. It needs to be easier to channel images into an Instagram post – from phone and from laptop. Then it becomes a serious way of communicating. Well, that’s my thought. Anybody fancy telling them ?! 3-D FORMAT This is my version of the Bovill/Zodiacal Dust format for Instagram. I made a Photoshop template to allow me to convert to a 2:1 ratio shape for the left and right images. This seems to be far and away the best way to optimise stereo pics on Instagram. If anyone wants a copy of my template, you’re welcome – I’ll try to arrange it through my Soapbox. Let me know if there’s any interest. OK ? 


Pizza stereo