Quest to capture the Moon’s last night


Waiting, hopefully, for my moonrise, above that lovely but pesky tree. I’m inside my dome looking out on a sky that’s already showing the dawn light. I always dreamed of having a dome when I was a kid. This night I’ve stayed up determined to catch the 27th night of the Moon – the thinnest waning crescent you can see. The sky’s good – but there’s big tree that’s really gonna be in the way. Not sure I will see the crescent at all.

Waning Moon - image 1

Well, she was worth waiting for. A 27 day old Queen of the Dawn. One day away from rebirth. Seen here in my finder scope (hence the crosshairs). It wasn’t easy to get the iPhone to focus or expose properly through the telescope proper. But I got something … Good morning folks !!!

Waning Moon - image 2

Have a great day. The last waning crescent Moon of August 2016. She rose into view at last. So exquisitely delicate and sharp – no photo can really do her justice. Not perfect but still a thrill to this ol’ man. About 6am. Taken with iPhone hand-held to the eyepiece of a 12″ Newtonian telescope on a Dobsonian mount (no relation !). Astronomical New Moon is tomorrow. That means we can’t see it !

aning Moon - image 3

Happy Tuesday folks.