Waning Crescent Moon


The waning crescent Moon is an exquisite treat reserved for night owls. She rises in the early morning hours – somehow much more mysterious thanks her young crescent Moon state. The terrain we see here is much smoother than the familiar ‘New Moon’. (And it’s maybe worth noting that to astronomers, ‘New Moon’ actually means something different – it means no moon visible at all: it’s the moment when the Moon passes closest to the line joining the Sun to the Earth) Lava flows have washed over older craters and mountains which can be seen partly submerged.

I seem to be getting better at just aiming my iPhone lens down the eyepiece of my Dobsonian scope. Or maybe I’m just lucky tonight. I feel ‘thankful grateful and blessed’ in the words of Cottonwood de Tucson where some years ago I discovered that I actually DID have a Spirit in me. It was the Brave Stars above us – all around us, shining long before we were born and certain to shine long after we are all gone.

If you’re awake right now have a look out your window to the North East – quite low in the sky. And we will then be sharing this moment of moonbeams in real time. Wishing all you Night Owls a peaceful night and a beautiful dawn. And to you who read this in the morn, enjoy this waning moon by proxy – and then enjoy the Sunshine. Apparently tomorrow is another day.


I should add that since this Moon is seen through an astro telescope it’s upside down, relative to how it looks in the sky.

Image 2


This is more like the way she looks now – and tomorrow night – the crescent will be thinner and more delicate.

Image 3

– Bri

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