Hello Taipei !!!


Hello Taipei !!! I’m recovered from my food poisoning adventure and ready to Rock !!! A beautifully unfamiliar and ‘different’ skyline. I love the differentness. TAIPEI !! Hello ! Enchanted already. Great to meet you !

Are you ready ?

Taipei skyline


I found this in the dressing room. It says “Welcome Queen and Adam Lambert – beware of hard rockin’ Taipei metal heads !! Yeeeeay”. OK – it was the actually the toilet, and my translation may not be entirely accurate … But … Whatever !!! Let’s Rock !

Hotel notice


Here I am Defying Gravity in sound check today. Not scary at all ! Well, at least I don’t have to be greenified … And a little danger is good for ya ! (not too much all at once ! Ha ha !)

Bri in the Q


Thanks, beautiful people of Taipei ! A precious moment.

Bri - end of thrust stage

Bri X

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