The OWL VR Kit – Pt 2


ere's your OWL VR Kit - here's your mobile phone

So here’s your OWL VR Kit. Here’s your mobile phone. The two go together. They snap together very easily and you’re in business for 3-D stereoscopy or virtual reality.

I should just mention it’s very easy to make a file, an album, of stereoscopic pictures in your phone, so you can have them all ready to go and just nip into anything you like. I’ve got some astro ones here, some Queen ones, and you’re not limited to stills of course. There are lots of 3-D movies on the internet in the side-by-side format.

We’re about to release “VR The Champions”, which is an amazing capture of the concert we did in Barcelona a few months ago. For the first time we flew a VR kit rig above the audience on wires, and its a continuous movement, so once you put this movie in your phone and start to view it, you’re gonna feel like you’re suspended above the audience in some kind of spaceship, moving around. It also takes you onto the stage. So this is something new and very experimental and something I think’s gonna excite a lot of people.

We also have the Google ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Experience, which I think is pretty amazing. It’s complete animation, and again it’s 360 so you can look all round you so you and see strange and magical things happen.

I also made a stereoscopic film for Starmus recently, which is an astro trip through the Solar System all in 3-D, and it’s not virtual reality. This is the kind of thing where you look in one direction, and whichever direction you look you have your prime image, so slightly different. But all of this magic is available once you have your OWL VR kit.

Brian introduces the Owl VR Kit – Pt 2

Yes, there’s lots of other kits. There’s loads and loads of virtual reality pieces of kit and they’re all quite good. You got Google Cardboard of course, which has done very well, and there’s plenty of other sort of immersive experience viewers. This one isn’t so immersive in a sense, because your focal length is longer. You also have light coming in, so you’re still aware of your surroundings even though you’re in a virtual world. And, of course, what this offers is that you can focus. So many of these viewers you can’t really focus. You also become very much less aware of the pixels on the screen with this viewer, because of the longer focal length.

The final advantage of this is that you can get to your phone at any time. You can get to all the controls, volume control, all the motion accoutrements that you need to get to, all the starts and stops of the programmes. You’re not feeling trying to get inside some kind of enclosed space. A lot of people like this. You know, it’s good to try them both, but in this particular instance, you’re holding your viewer the whole time. It’s not stuck to your face and you’re not getting hot and sweaty with it either.

It’s an OWL Virtual Reality Experience and we hope you will enjoy.


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