Air Guitar antics


WOW !!! It’s that time again !!

What ? Christmas ?

No !! … sod Christmas … it’s AIR GUITAR TIME !!!!

WOW ! And this time there’s Led Zep and The Stones and ZZ Top and …. WOW ! Better get practising !!!!

Better get practising

Here we go …. Ah yes … it’s just like riding a bike … this finger goes here and …

Here we go

Oh Bugger … the riff takes over … can’t keep up … the beast’s out of control … ! yeeeow …

Here we go

Just gotta go back and do it all again.

Do it all again

Well, at least you don’t get calluses …. you just get the thrills !!! Here it is !! Air Guitar Anthems ! The business ! !

You don't get calluses stereo

OK – try this in your OWL … It’s a long road ahead but with Air Guitar – and the Zodiacal Light and the Galaxy – you’re never alone.

Long road ahead

Photo credits for the studio shots are ‘Denis Pellerin’
For the AG cover variations ..
Credit for the night sky image is Josh Calcino.
Design by Brian May Reproduced courtesy of Universal Records.

Have fun, folks !

Bri X