Turkey-free Christmas


My energies must be starting to return.

Doing my chores with Magic Radio in the background (which I enjoy) I got a flush of anger this morning.

They’re running an advert for Amazon Echo (is that what it is ? Some kind of rival to Siri, I think).

A man’s voice says … “Tell me a Christmas Joke”

Then a woman’s voice goes: “OK. Why wasn’t the Turkey hungry at Christmas ? Because it was already stuffed.”


I wonder if that will sell Amazon’s product ? Or if a lot of people, like me, will feel repulsed by this crass insensitivity.

It’s one thing to eat animals, but it’s another to disrespect them … encouraging the idea that their lives and feelings don’t matter.

Not long ago it was socially acceptable to make jokes which disrespect people of different races. Now it isn’t.

I’m hoping the day isn’t far away when it’s unacceptable to put something like this on the Radio or TV. When the rights of non-human animals are finally recognised.

Well, there won’t be any dead birds in MY house this Christmas. It’s a cruelty-free Christmas which will make us happy.

You know – you don’t have to be a vegetarian to join me in this. Cutting down cruelty to animals is all about eating LESS meat.

Just eating less meat and dairy products is a Triple Good. It’s better for our fellow creatures, it’s better for the health of the planet – cutting down greenhouse effect emissions and pollution, and, finally … way way better for your own health and that of your children. The evidence is all in now. Risk of major killer heart disease alone is unquestionably lessened by cutting down meat intake. Want to increase the number of merry Christmases you can enjoy with your children ? Join me ! Start with a Turkey-Free Christmas this year.

With love


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