I feel the need to speak


I feel the need to speak. To share so much. As I see my country plunging into a black hole. I want to scream from the rooftops “WAKE UP, BRITAIN”.


Need to speak

Are you ready folks ? !

Are you ready?

The birds are still singing, the sky is blue, as the Sun sets …

Brian May “Register to vote and let’s get to it – https://youtu.be/uVbmqaYhC5I

The birds are still singing, the sky is blue, as the Sun sets, but England is rotten to the core. I don’t know if this is going to work. I don’t know if Instagram is going to be a way that I can speak and get you folks as I just want to tell you this is an opportunity if you’re coming up and you’re young and you have the chance to vote for the first time, grab it with both hands. You can be excited about being able to drive a car or have sex or whatever, but be excited about the fact that you can take part in fashioning the future of this country and you can shake this country to its core.

We are in desperate, desperate need of a new order. We’re in need of getting rid of this ruling class who think they are born to rule us. Get them out. Anything is better than Theresa May getting back in with a large majority and being able to act like a dictator.

Register to vote and then let’s get to it.


We can’t tell you how to vote. But over the next couple of weeks we can sure offer you some advice. We believe there are decent candidates in all political parties in Britain. But sadly the wrong kind get into power. Theresa May is the wrong kind of Conservative. Dangerous, duplicitous, ruthlessly ambitious, and without a shred of compassion. For the sake of Common Decency she must be called to task, not least for calling an election for purely selfish motives. Like Cameron, in her arrogance and self delusion, she must be shown the door. Let’s start talking about a landslide in the opposite direction to the one she has gambled on.

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