Bri’s 11th hour voting recommendations from Common Decency


In the final two days before the election, I’m going to try to put up some recommendations that our COMMON DECENCY project has come up with. I’m going to put some very decent faces on my Instagram page, and hopefully tweet some recommendations for heading towards a House of Commons packed with thoroughly decent MPs of ALL PARTIES.

Of course we’re hoping for a change in the occupancy of Number 10 Downing Street, because at the moment we have a lady living there who will try to bring back blood sports if she gets back in. At Common Decency we are pointing out that it’s unlikely that anyone who is callous about the welfare of animals is compassionate about people. Say no more.

If you’re hesitating about your vote, please visit the Common Decency website right now.

When you land on the page, type in the name of your constituency, and your candidates will come up, along with a pie chart showing what happened in the last election. The pie chart is only a guide, because much has changed since then, but it will give an idea in many cases as to who is within striking distance of taking a seat from last year’s winner. It also gives a clear showing of how many people did NOT vote in that constituency last time … all potentially new voters this time.

You will now see a Common Decency badge next to the candidate we recommend you vote for, if you agree with our assessment of how things ought to be in the next parliament. We can’t tell you how to vote, of course, and we can’t claim to be infallible, but we believe that if enough people get behind this, we could end up with a compassionate cross-party House of Commons this time around, no matter who is PM. In some cases there is more than one decent candidate – but in these cases we have made a choice based on who we think is most likely to actually unseat the ‘indecent’ candidate.

Good Luck. Remember – it’s all about turning up to vote … but if you can persuade a dozen people around you to do the same, and tell them to spread the word likewise, the ‘cascade effect’ will start to operate … and we could bring about a REAL CHANGE this time around.

Let’s go for it !! Let’s go for Common Decency !


Common Decency Black and Gold badge