Words becoming hard to find – and Fleur du jour


Words are becoming hard to find. I was deeply impressed by the performances and words of Ariana and her young friends in Manchester. Heartened that the message they transmitted so eloquently was one of Love, not Hate, being the instrument to carve out Peace. I hope the new generation can succeed where we have failed, in taking this path at national and international level. Today I can best offer our small contribution in 2014 after the London bombing.

With love

Q+PR Hyde ParlQueen + Paul Rodgers, Hyde Park, London 201

Love in a Mist

Fleur du jour. Love in a Mist turned up in my planter ! It was nice in bud, but even nicer in bloom. Like most of us, hopefully ! Happy Tuesday folks.


Love in a Mist - stereo

Love in a Mist ! May we all find it !


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