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Jeremy Corbyn - Labour

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Islington North – Jeremy Corbyn.

This man has been so viciously vilified by most of the British Press it’s amazing he is still standing – and standing proud. His manifesto is absolutely dedicated to eradicating unfairness in Britain, and the rest of his policies – including animal welfare issues – is hard to fault from any Decent point of view. We cannot fail to endorse Jeremy Corbyn – in the certain knowledge that Parliament and Britain are the better for having this man in the HOC. And suddenly – with a Theresa May having exposed her weakness and lack of empathy, Mr Corbyn does not look so unelectable as PM.


Jeremy Corbyn


Sara Champion

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Rotherham – Sara Champion (Labour).

Sara ticks every possible box for Decency. Tirelessly devoted to the welfare of children, and animals too, together with championing the underprivileged. By name and by nature the right choice. 


Sarah Champion


Paul Monaghan

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross – Paul Monaghan (SNP)

Notable for the fact that he has always made the effort to turn up in support of our campaigns and speak on our behalf, Paul has been viciously attacked in the Daily Mail – probably sufficient indication of his decency !


Paul Monaghan


Robert Flello

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Stoke-on Trent South – Robert Flello (Labour). 


Robert Flello

ANDREA JENKYNS (Conservative)

Andrea Jenkins

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Morley and Outwood – Andrea Jenkyns (Conservative).

A wonderfully bright ‘new generation’ Conservative who on being elected in 2014 immediately showed the courage to stand up against the Old Style Tory leadership in matters of conscience – including opposing the repeal of the Hunting Act. The ‘good Conservatives’ are so vital to the future of both people and animals. This woman has the fortitude and conviction to ensure support for Decency in the decisions of the next parliament.


Andrea Jenkyns


COMMON DECENCY recommendation for South West Surrey – Marie-Louise Irvine (National Health Action Party).

This is a strong recommendation. Theresa May’s references to her ‘support’ to the NHS are so outrageously dishonest it’s almost unbelievable. In fact she and Cameron before her have been deliberately disabling parts of the NHS in order to sell them off for rich businessmen to exploit and make a profit out of our health – just as they have done to our schools – the ‘academies’ which are now run as businesses – scandalous. Jeremy Hunt holds this seat – the arch villain of the dismantling of the NHS. If everyone forgets about political allegiances and votes for Louise, he COULD be unseated – and a massive blow for Decency will have been struck. 


Louise Irvine

HENRY SMITH (Conservative)

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Crawley – Henry Smith (Conservative).

Henry has worked in cross-party groups and is widely respected in the House. He has been a constant support to us in our battles to secure decent treatment for animals.  Of course we are not suggesting that animals are all that matters – but it is our contention that such decency and compassion is reflected in the way such MP’s conduct themselves in all matters – not for personal gain but for the good of the citizens of the UK. We believe this man to be worthy of being re-elected to his seat – because no matter who sits in number 10, he will be an asset in moderating decisions.


Henry Smith



Andrew George


COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Bristol East – Kerry McCarthy (Labour).

We have seen her in action at close quarters in the current parliament. Decent, moderate, compassionate and dedicated, we at CD feel Kerry is beyond doubt the right person to occupy this seat. @kerrymp


Kerry McCarthy

TRACEY CROUCH (Conservative)

COMMON DECENCY recommendation – for Chatham and Aylesford – TRACEY CROUCH (Conservative).

CD backing a Conservative ? I can hear the grumbles. But this unique woman is one of the most courageously compassionate MPs you could ever be fortunate enough to meet – or have to represent you. She has staunchly defended animal welfare legislation ever since she was elected. When Theresa May recently shockingly declared that she would try to bring back Blood Sports, Tracey Crouch was the first to tweet that she would never support a vote to repeal the Hunting Act. And she means it. It would not be the first time she has defied the Whips on a matter of conscience. Tracey is that new breed of Conservative – so different from the old-style callous breed epitomised by Cameron and Theresa May – who stand for preserving the unfairness in Britain. We need good Tories like this in Parliament.


Tracey Crouch


COMMON DECENCY recommendation. For Peniston and Stocksbridge – ANGELA SMITH (Labour).

This wonderful woman has been our most precious ally in the war against blood sports in the House of Commons since we began campaigning.  As is so often the case, her devotion to the cause of animals is mirrored in her compassion towards the poor and underprivileged in Britain. She is well-loved in her constituency, but the pie chart shows that a concerted effort is needed from anyone who would be horrified to see the seat change hands to a party-line Tory. Common Decency RECOMMENDS you vote for Angela Smith, not because she is Labour, but because she is one of the greatest and most decent MPs in Parliament.


Angela Smith

COMMON DECENCY voting recommendations. Let’s start right here. The great CAROLINE LUCAS.


Caroline Lucas

I hope you can see both pictures on this post – Caroline and last time’s pie chart? This woman is amazing. Utterly dedicated to Decency, she works 24 hours a day for fairness, and the rights of those who have no voice. Animals, the poor, the sick, the NHS, proper education as opposed to running schools as a business, Caroline is universally respected in Parliament – a lone and courageous voice. LOOK AT THE PIE CHART for last time. You can see it’s not a foregone conclusion she will get her mandate. Both the Tory and the Labour vote shares are quite high. There was supposed to be a deal struck for the Labour and Lib Dem candidates to bow out, to make sure Caroline kept her seat, but they backed out at the last minute. However YOU can do the job. If you’re traditionally a Lib Dem or Labour voter, just consider that ANY parliament would be better off with Ms Lucas in it. Just vote for Caroline. I’m sure Mr Corbyn would be well pleased with a result that put her back in there.

Pie Chart - Brighton Pavilion

Caroline Lucas

NOTE: ALSO OUR RECOMMENDATIONS I ran out of time – apologies – but there is a lot of info on the site itself. Please check your constituency on the site if I haven’t highlighted an endorsement.

These are also our highlighted recommendations:

GOSPORT – Caroline Dinenage @cj_dinenage

LANCASTER and FLEETWOOD – Catherine Smith – @CatSmithMP

LEEDS WEST – Rachel Reeves @rachelreevesMP

EAST DEVON – Claire Wright @ClaireWrightInd

WEST BROMWICH EAST – Tom Watson – @tom_watson

DENTON & REDDISH – Andrew Gwynne @gwynneMP

NEWPORT WEST – Paul Flynn @PaulFlynnMP

WAVENEY – Sonia Barker @Sunrisesonjuise


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