The most disgraceful Daily Mail front cover ever


 Very much as I predicted – probably the most disgraceful Daily Mail front cover EVER. I accuse the Daily Mail of being poisonous lying bastards. This ‘story’ is tantamount to accusing these three decent citizens of being terrorists. Seriously, it is such a blatantly disgusting attempt to destroy the character of Mr Corbyn, that somebody from the Daily Mail should go to prison for Libel. Surely measures must be taken in the future to make Newspapers as accountable for the truth and decency of their output as the rest of us. Of course this is a grossly unfair use of the power the Mail has, to attempt to influence the outcome of the election. I will pray that the British public can see this skulduggery for what it is – and discount ANYTHING the Daily Mail says in this respect. VILE, VILE, VILE. And beyond shameful. 


Daily Mail front cover 7 June 2017