Panic Attack


Panic Attack

STOP THE PRESS !! Our new single released today !!! Video is here. Kerry and I may be at opposite ends of the Earth but I’m proud to say this track is now out there with a Lyric Video. It’s a significantly different version from the one on the “Golden Days” album – designed specially for Radio. I really do hope it will help folks find a way out of these tough moments in the head. It’s something I deal with and wanted to share. We are not alone !!!

By the way, contrary to the impression you might get from some of the Press coverage, this release was planned long before the current wave of terrorist attacks. It’s not about terror in the world – it’s about terror in the mind.

Having been in transit I just caught up with the tragedy in North Kensington very near my home. Horrible and tragic – my condolences to all who are suffering and bereaved. Onward ! Somehow …