The language of true extremism


Daily Mail - Theresa tears up manifesto

 The Daily Mail – widely acknowledged now as one of the most evilly poisonous publications in the world – is actually a fascinating place to study the language and techniques of propaganda. One of the first results of the humiliating loss of power that Theresa May has suffered is something truly wonderful. She’s being forced to abandon her declared plan to tear up the Treaty of Human Rights. This piece of crass stupidity was a knee-jerk reaction to a very small number of cases where supposed terrorists were managing to escape deportation by claiming it would be a violation of their human rights. It was a very crude attempt at vote-winning for TM to claim that she would solve the problem by just sweeping away the whole carefully constructed landscape of the Human Rights Treaty – which, by the way, was largely based on British ideas and hard work.

It was a very dangerous idea – absolutely shocking to those of us who believe that Human Rights are the very basis of Common Decency and morality.

So – with a non-existent majority quietly smiling at her from the wings – she now has to abandon this appalling idea. But the Daily Mail reports it in a highly dishonest and inflammatory way. Look what it says …

Daily Mail - Forced to keep law

It doesn’t just report the facts – it puts an intense colour on the story, by saying ” ANGER as May is forced … ” . If the British Public were stupid, they would swallow this whole. They’d share that anger and get all worked up – “How shocking, this abandonment of TM’s plans”. Maybe that would have happened in the Old Days. But I’m certainly starting to believe that Britain is waking up fast – which makes me very happy, since I’ve been calling out “Wake Up” for months. In the election ,Britain mostly rejected the Daily Mail’s spurious and pernicious accusations against Corbyn – and stripped TM of her majority.

I think we are all getting clearer as to what is truth, and what is filthy distortions.

So ! Looking at that headline again, who is “Angry” about Theresa May being prevented from smashing Human Rights ? Well probably the owner of the Daily Mail and a few of the rather nasty fox hunting friends that Theresa has managed to keep by her side. But – the rest of us ? We’re over the Moon !! We can hardly believe it. Suddenly we realise all over again – there IS a God !!! Decency and moderation are beginning to dawn in the skies of Britain !!!


PS – if you want some fun try looking through the Daily Mail’s headlines in the next few weeks. Look for those emotive words designed to pervert our opinions – “Anger as ..” … “Rage as ….” “Dismay as ….” It’s Fun ! There are lots of others – words and phrases too …. if you have a moment – go look ! Even better – you’ll find great stuff in the Sun, too (RSPCA “blasted” !), and the Telegraph, and, yes, the formerly respectable and respected The Times too. What a game ! But the game is up.

Cheers folks ! Things are changing. Here comes HOPE !!!


This man speaks the truth this Government dares not utter. It’s as if clear messages are being sent to us. Britain needs massive change.


Don’t politicize the Grenfell Fire.. people are literally screaming in the streets we told you so!!!!

— ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark) June 14, 2017