Welcome to LA


Mr Fox says “Welcome to LA”.

Well that’s a nice welcome to LA ! A good omen for our Queen and Adam Lambert tour of the USA. I should explain this is a photo of a photo on a giant digital screen at least 30 feet high in the arrivals hall at LAX. Nice !

Mr Fox says Welcome to LA

There is a God…

There is a God


Liquid Sunlight. Best when shared.

LA Sunset - stereoLiquid Sunset – LA

LA just after sunset. Beautiful. Feels like coming home.

LA landing

A beautiful chilly inlet seen as our 380 crossed the Eastern coast of Greenland. I can never resist the quest for the perfect plane-born hyperstereo ! As always, this isn’t quite IT – but I’m liking it.

Eastern Greenland
Eastern Greenland


Glacier from the air - stereo
Glacier from the air

But I was lucky to see this. Proof that at least glaciers still exist – but you can see the vertical cliff edge where the icebergs are breaking off and floating out into a white sea of frozen fragments. Then, beyond that, the open water where they’ve all melted. I’d love to visit this awesome place. Let’s hope the warming of our planet’s surface won’t destroy it.

Bri by pool - stereo
Pool stereo

My Dad used to say “All work and no play … makes Jack a dull boy.” I’m seizing a moment to rest my bones.

Those legs might be rough but I need them to carry me a long way this year


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