“As A Cloud ….”


Clouds hyperstereo

“I wandered lonely as a cloud ….” Yes, folks – my umpteenth sequential plane-borne hyperstereo. Most of them just reside in my phone space forever. This is Washington State, looking West towards the Pacific Ocean, en route to Seattle, where I will reside for around 7 hours and hopefully play a blindin’ show at the WA Key Arena. Yay !!! I guess I’ve been a wandering minstrel for the best part of 50 years. I guess I must like it !!

OK – Do we all have this need to OUTPUT ?! Is that related to why some people travel the world all their lives, outputting ?

Cheers all

– Bri

PS – for iPhone photographers. Just in case you’re interested, this picture was actually very foggy – everything’s covered in a blue mist today from the air. But I used Snapseed’s miraculous ‘drama’ setting to get rid of the mist. It’s very clever. And then, in the IG filter choices, I used ‘Hefe’. Hefe ? I really don’t know what it does, apart from some subtle vignetting, but it warms things up, and basically seems to make EVERYTHING look better !!  I need some Hefe spectacles !!!


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