The Awesome Mount St Helens


Mount St Helens


Thank you Maria (from Brazil!) for taking this great stereo pair of pics of Mount S. Helens !! I should explain. I travelled on this Delta flight with a very nice bunch of Brazilian young folk. When one of them, Maria, saw I was on the wrong side of the plane to take photos of the awesome Mount St Helens, she offered to take pictures for me. From the sequence she took this is one of the results. I wasn’t able to show you guys what 3-D is about on the plane – so I hope you’ll so I hope you’ll figure out why I’ve put these two pictures side by side.

If you visit the whole story is there. And when you see this picture in 3-D I think you’ll be happy, dear Maria !

Thanks again. Have a great trip to Alaska, guys. Bri X

And, more heavily processed, as with the lonely cloud picture …

Mount St Helens - more heavily processed

I should add that I have airborne stereos of Mt. St. Helens from 40 years ago (should have put ’em in the book!) – before and after the cataclysmic eruption of 1980 … I will have to find them and scan them !