Shared from BBC: Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism


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Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism
28 July 2017 by Kate Raworth

How strange that the woman who invented this game intended it to be a demonstration of the evils of Capitalism. I think I might have come close to suspecting something of that kind, observing how the game brought out the worst in my family and friends as we grew up. I even mentioned this in the “unboxing” video that I recorded for the Queen version of the game. I then felt a little guilty about saying such things about our own product, so I think we relegated these comments to the bloopers reel.

But it’s true. The game, with the rules as now accepted, without a doubt encourages greed and discourages empathy. Its subtext is that money is all that matters, and one has to be ruthless to accumulate it. But I have to say in later life, the game has prompted discussions about this very thing, so perhaps it has helped us on our way!

Nevertheless, I was conscious of the capitalistic nature of the game when we got into the process of constructing our own Queen version. I was certainly very aware of trying to move the game sideways, away from the deification of money, and towards creative decisions and connecting with an audience …. I wonder if anyone will notice!

Perhaps QUEEN Monopoly will stimulate future generations to discuss the relationship between art and commercialism. I’ve laid out my thoughts elsewhere, particularly with reference to the pioneering photographers of the 1850s – and comparing this with our own path, consciously trod between our inner callings and the desire to have a conversation with our audience.

Well, yes, I hope that, if Ms Magie is watching from above, she will smile to think that at least some of us are aware of the message she bravely strove to put out there. That the blind pursuit of money is one of the principle causes of the rot in our society. Never was this more true. Bless her !


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