Thanks Philadelphia !!! – Hello D.C. !!!


THANKS Philadelphia !!! This is what you guys looked like tonight – from my backstage steps – captured by Ms Ashley who does my charges and protects me from all evil ! I’m in the middle looking like a white ant … but enjoying my selfie bonding moment. Memories of the Spectrum, years ago. A truly great night.

Philadelphia from backstage steps by Sharon Ashley

Photo: Ms Ashley


Ha ! Guess where we are today ?!!! HELLO D.C. !!!

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.


THANK YOU lovely warm generous folks of Washington DC !!! Panorama by S. Ashley. Proving Einstein’s assertion that light beams can bend ?

Washington Verizon Center panorama


Jane Sabini wrote: And this is what YOU looked like rockin’ that fabulous Liberty Bell shirt!!

Q+AL - Bri Liberty Bell shirt Verizon Center, DC