En route to Dallas


Clouds on Dallas flight

En route to Dallas. Clouds never get old. Agreed ? Hyperstereo – probably my ten thousandth – at about 20 thousand feet. The left and right shots were taken probably 3 seconds apart. If the plane was moving at 300 miles an hour, that’s a baseline of about … a quarter of a mile – right ?


Update… @rocketmoon_az — You want to make stereos ? Good !! Well it’s easy in principle – you just need to take two pictures from two viewpoints horizontally separated by – in normal circumstances – about 3 inches. But you can take them one after the other (sequentially) with just one camera by moving the camera sideways between shots – and any normal camera will do – I used a normal iPhone for this stereo and I let the plane move me between shots. In this case a long way – because the clouds are a long way away. But this technique only works if the subject matter stays still! If it’s a moving subject, you will need a stereo camera. That might seem an easy thing to make, but it’s really not. You have to fully synchronise the shutters and the apertures and the focus. Any ideas?