Trouble at the BBC ?


The RSPCA IS EXPECTING TO BE ATTACKED on TV tonight by Panorama. Many of you know that the RSPCA has been subjected to repeated vicious attacks on its reputation over the last couple of years. The driving force behind this smear campaign is the hunting community. Ever since the RSPCA successfully prosecuted David Cameron’s local branch of the Hunt for breaking the law, they have been desperately trying to destroy this ancient organisation devoted to preventing cruelty to animals.

Of course, prosecuting animal abusers is exactly what the RSPCA actually SHOULD be doing, but the Hunting community, supported by the Right Wing Press, by misrepresenting the facts, has done a very effective job of blackening the RSPCA’s name, suggesting they were wasting money, among other things. The accusations were untrue, but the propaganda worked and, tragically, the RSPCA has been damaged.

Now it seems that the BBC is joining in. The Panorama team have been putting together a programme called ‘Trouble at the RSPCA’, due to be aired tonight. Sadly, this title immediately smacks of bias, an attribute that one doesn’t want to believe the BBC are guilty of. But in their researches, apparently they have interviewed almost everyone BUT the RSPCA themselves, and even hinted to some of their contributors that this will be a hatchet job. So it’s hard to believe that this can be an unbiased programme.

So let us watch this Panorama in the full knowledge that we may be witnessing another attempt to destroy the organisation which for over 100 years has been the main organ of the protection of animals against awful cruelty from so many quarters. The RSPCA is filled with dedicated vets and passionate animal lovers: it needs our belief and our support.


RSPCA - new attack


The RSPCA’s statement is HERE –