Treasure and remember forever – Nashville


Treasure and remember forever. Hope to see you all again. Love you guys!

Bri in Nashville


Honoured to have the great Duane Eddy as my guest tonight [2 Aug]. Wish my Dad could have seen him play my guitar. But I did !!!

Bri and Duane Eddy - Nashville


Crackin’ snap of me and my mate @neilmfairclough crackin’ on in Under Pressure. Photo by @robbacosta – thanks !

Bri and Neil Fairclough


Nashville Skyline … Couldn’t sleep. Blessed with a fabulous view from my hotel window I had to hyperstereophotograph it. This one with the tiny fisheye attachment for the iPhone which I bagged in Tokyo. I can never resist. I don’t know when I’ll ever get out here again – maybe this is my last time. So I’m determined to appreciate it to the full. I’m thinking anything after the age of three score and ten years is a bonus. Grateful for it. Nashville is a great city to visit. This time we had some experiences I will NEVER forget.

Nashville skyline

Tennessee State Capitol at Sunrise this morning. And a fine morning it is.

Happy Thursday folks !!

Tennessee State Capitol