For the badgers


For the badgers – and actually for us as a nation – this cull is a tragedy and a disaster. 

What’s less understood is that it’s a tragedy for the farmers and the cattle too. The drive behind continuing with a policy which is failing seems to be that ‘we have to be seem to do something, rather than nothing” – but sadly this ‘something’ doesn’t work. 

The interests of the farmers would be much better served by a fresh look at this problem by the Government; we believe the real solution is in sight, through enhanced TB testing. 

In years to come, I’m sure that badger culling will be seen as an enormous red herring, that squandered time, effort and money, gave farmers frustration and false hope, and diverted attention away from finding the real solution. 

A pause for re-evaluation is long overdue.


Save Me Trust Friends
Save Me Trust Friends