R.I.P. Walter Becker


Walter Becker - Steely Dan

I had the privilege of playing just once with these guys
– Walter and his long-time musical partner Donald Fagen –
at their induction to the USA Rock Hall of Fame.

As Steely Dan they took Rock probably the closest to pure Jazz it has ever been. Their style was innovative and truly inimitable.

Our long-time front-of-house sound mixer, Trip Khalaf, used to annoy us by always
playing Steely Dan tracks through our PA at sound checks … because their faultless
mixes – with sounds meticulously crafted to spread across the sound spectrum without
mutual interference – were the perfect way to test a sound system.

Yes, we were annoyed but respectful !

Walter defined a guitar style that was all his own. Sad to see him go.

RIP Walter. Respects.


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