I’m outraged !


Just realised that somehow Firefox is now suddenly forcing me to use Yahoo as a search engine.

Shocking !

Moreover they’ve made it impossible for me to use Google search at all.

I’d be fascinated to know if this is true for all Firefox users. If so, I imagine other search engines would have a good case for suing Firefox for loss of trade.

I’m withdrawing from Firefox until this is sorted. Outrageous.

Firefox search windo

Oh really ? Any way I want it ?
As long as it’s with Yahoo ?

And this is what I got when searching for Google !!!

Yahoo search

Could not understand Google ?! Pull the other one !! This is a scandal !

Even if I manage to put Google in my browsing screen, as soon as I search for ANYTHING, it takes me back to Yahoo !


Yahoo search for anything


I’m incensed !!! Is this Firefox’s doing, or Yahoo’s, or is it some kind of virus ? If I find out, folks, I’ll let you know.


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