Unshrink-wrapping Czech version “Queen in 3-D”


Brian May unboxing “Queen in 3-D” Czech Edition

NOTE: The Czech edition releases in October2017 ORDER LINK: http://www.slovart.sk/

Hi Folks

In Prague and in Czechoslovakia. I’m thrilled to tell you we will be opening our European tour in Prague on first of November and what I’m holding in my hand here is something very special, which hopefully will be timed very well.

You may know that the “Queen in 3-D” book has been out for a while in English. This is the very first copy that I hold in my hand of a Czech version, Czech edition of this book, and as this is the first one I have ever had, I would like to do the unveiling with you – the unboxing, or the unshrink-wrapping and I can show you how it works as well.

Okay. Here we go – (using a letter opener) opening the shrink-wrap. This is a thrill, I have to tell you, and a Hell of a dream come true.

Here we go. Freddie’s on the front in glorious 3-D – a lenticular print – but what’s inside is even more exciting, ‘cos this is real stereoscope.

(Shakes the box) I’m taking the book out of its slipcase. Along with book comes your very own patent OWL viewer, which is a stereoscope a modern day Victorian stereoscope, which is nice, which is the best kind of 3-D, even better than the movies.

So we take it out of its slipcase here. Here we go. This is your OWL and its very easy to assemble. Fold it up and click the little side plates in place like this so that they stay in. You have to push them quite hard. That’s right. Fold the back plate up as well. Do the same thing. Put these into place. Can you see that? And you’re ready. You hold the viewer by its back plate and you focus with your thumbs here.You can focus in and out. Focusing is very important because it means that no matter what kind of eyesight you have, this is probably gonna work for you. Now – here’s the book. It’s done very well in English language and I’m hoping it will do great in Czech language.

Bri with Czech book

You see here you have lots of pictures, which you can just read in the normal way. If you like you can just flick through the book and enjoy the mono pictures like this one of Freddie. but you’ll notice these pairs of pictures, and these are the stereoscopic pictures. These are the ones which will bring things to life in glorious and stunning 3-D. It’s almost like a time machine. You’ll feel like you could walk through a window and be there with us on stage and off stage, in cars, in planes, playing tennis, and in dressing rooms around the world, and various places and various events.

I’ll show you how you do this. Here’s the viewer. Here’s the OWL stereoscope. Position it nicely squarely over the pictures like this – a stereo pair of pictures – and you’re ready to view in 3-D. Just hold it like this and look through. Relax the eyes and suddenly you’re looking into the distance and into the past – and here’s Freddie with some of his mates, and we were on tour, and we were all young. Not so young now, but we’re still here and I’m hoping that you can enjoy this history of Queen.

Here’s us making a video – a video for Radio Ga Ga, and luckily I had my stereo camera there, so you can see this stuff in 3-D as well, which is quite fascinating.

So here we are with a view(er) again and I can view the pictures. Just have to get it right. Very nice.

To me this is a magical experience and I always dreamed of being able to share it with the world.  Now I can share it with you, not just in English, but in your own language in Czech.

I will see you in Prague. In the meantime, enjoy. 


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